CUETians in Australia COVID-19 Fund Raising

Dear CUETians in Australia,

Novel CORONAVirus is impacting all Australians’ life and our beloved brothers and sisters from CUET, who are currently studying in Australia with self-finance, are also affected directly or indirectly by this crisis. Some of them already lost their part-time jobs. No support has yet been given to them by the Australian Government. They also cannot go back to Bangladesh, as University is open.

We want to spread our support of brotherhood for them and raise funds to help them in this crisis, at least for food and partially for accommodation. This support will not be limited only to students, but anyone in need of support can contact us via email to

CUETians in Australia has provided some financial help ($250 per person) to a few CUETians (so far 4 international students). Moreover, a few CUETians have committed donating every month until this crisis is over.

If you put yourself in their situation and you will feel their hardship. We desperately urge your support to help those CUETians in need. Please, stand beside us, and donate as much as possible for this greater cause to survive and fight in this critical period. With your help, we will overcome this predicament. Stay safe and pray for everyone.

Bank details:

Cuetians in Australia Inc.

BSB: 062443.

AC No : 11361429.

Ref: "COVID19 Donation"

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