CUETians Reunion in Queensland, Australia 2023


On a picturesque winter morning, June 3rd, 2023, CUET graduates (CUETians) living in Queensland, Australia, came together for a delightful get-together at the enchanting Pine Rivers Park in Strathpine. Alumni from various directions, including north, south, and west of Brisbane, as well as from distant locations such as Rockhampton and Gladstone, came together. Alumni spanning from batch 1985 to batch 2012 attended the event, bringing along their families and children, along with an assortment of delectable food and supplies.

As the morning unfolded, members arrived one by one, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. The program commenced with a light breakfast, setting a pleasant tone for the day's activities. The children wasted no time and enthusiastically engaged in various events, including painting, allowing their creative spirits to shine. Once the kids' activities concluded, we all gathered to savor a mouthwatering lunch, featuring traditional biriyani and Payesh, a sweet rice pudding.

Energized by the delicious meal, the men's games commenced, bringing forth a series of thrilling challenges. From ball throwing to ring throwing and balloon games, participants eagerly competed for attractive prizes, adding an element of friendly competition and exhilaration. Meanwhile, the women were engrossed in their own set of engaging activities, including a pillow-passing game, as well as games involving needles and threads.

As the afternoon unfolded, we held a prize ceremony, where senior members took the stage to distribute well-deserved awards. The joyous atmosphere continued to permeate as we gathered for a delightful afternoon tea, enjoying delicious treats, and engaging in casual conversations.

Towards the end of the event, we formed a circle, reminiscing about our old days and cherishing the memories we had shared. We discussed ways to further strengthen the bond among us, ensuring that our connections would endure over time. With a shared commitment, we promised to meet again soon, as we recognized the importance of nurturing and sustaining our alumni network.

The CUETians reunion in Queensland, Australia, was a resounding success, filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the rekindling of old friendships. The event not only provided us with an opportunity to reconnect with fellow CUETians but also reminded us of the deep-rooted connection we have to our alma mater. As we departed Pine Rivers Park that day, our hearts were filled with a renewed sense of belonging and an eagerness to create more lasting memories in the future.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to CUETians in Australia Incorporation and Brizzy Painting for their generous sponsorship of this get-together event.

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